Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Updates

Ahhh! I know! No posting! This week flew by (and in some regards it is creeping slowly along...).  I know I promised I would try to find some inspiration, but c'est la vie.  Instead, I'm dreading having to come up with a Halloween costume for this weekend.  I'm trying to decide what I can dress up as only using things from my closet... We'll see how that works out.  Hope you're having a wonderful week and I'll try to be better tomorrow (how can you resist this face?!?).

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Trying to find inspiration...

Sorry I have been incredibly m.i.a.!  This quarter of school has by itself been insanely busy, but on top of that I've started a new internship.  So I may be updating this less and less so please bear with me.  I deeply apologize but sometimes it's hard to find inspiration especially when I have less free time to be finding it.  My goal this week is find some great inspiration and details to share.  Until then, here's on of my all time favorites, Marilyn Monroe.  I love this picture because her expression is so girlish and fun and actually reminds me of faces I often make to my friends....

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Things I Love ... Parisian Bistro Chairs

One of my favorite things about Paris is the plethora of charming side walk cafes.  And one of the best things about cafes (aside from fresh croissants) are the bistro chairs.  Anywhere you go in Paris they, the same chairs provide a comfortable perch to people watch.  I've been noticing some kitchen interior designs that feature these chairs (and barstools!).  I would definitely love to take this little bit of Paris with me and make my kitchen my own little Parisian cafe.

Bon weekend!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Iron Clad

I am obsessed with iron-paned windows.  While I've been slowly noticing this lately, a flip through the newest Pottery Barn catalogue cemented it.  My tastes overall can be extremely classic and sometimes I worry about that I'll have difficulty making an entire house seem young and modern.  But in my opinion, this kind of window is both classic and modern.  It makes any space open and bright without being so modern that it borders on out there.  It's the perfect balance.

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate iron paned windows that I will be saving for inspiration...

So amazing inside! I would have never thought of that!

The most amazing exterior at Tabitha Simmons' home

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Comfy Cozy

It's dreary here in Atlanta today, with temperatures staying around the 50s.  And while I love this chilly, fall weather, it would be the perfect today to extend my weekend and be cozy inside.  It's days like this that I miss having a fireplace.  If I could I'd curl up in a nook someplace... but instead I have to do homework and go to school so I'm unpacking all my sweaters.

Here are cozy spots I'd rather be in...

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Things I Love ... Valentino Red

One of my favorite fashion moments is always a Valentino dress in the house's signature color - red.  It's the perfect shade and always makes a statement.  While flipping through Paris Fashion Week photos I spotted this gem.  It's such an extravagant dress, so much detailed lace in such a bold color, but it looks so pure and simple.  I love that she kept the accessories simple yet bold: red patent ankle straps and a small leopard clutch.  It's such a standout look.  I love it!

(image via Harper's Bazaar)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Raf and Hedi

So I dropped off the blogging grid for about a week... Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy keeping up with school and traveling and truthfully felt a little uninspired.  While I have been loving the Paris fashion shows, I didn't want to inundate you with fashion and wasn't feeling much inspiration from other sources.  So of course today what shall I write about? Fashion.

The big news this season (and for months now really) has been the new designers for the houses of Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.  Raf Simons left the Jil Sander brand after the Fall 2012 season and debuted for Dior as a couturier this summer.  But his first ready-to-wear line for the historic brand has been much anticipated.  Just as the arrival of Hedi Slimane at the helm of YSL.  Slimane hasn't been designing for a few years now (leaving Dior Homme for a move into photography) but he's been given completely creative control over the YSL brand.  First order of business, changing the name to Saint Laurent Paris.  He's also redesigning stores and coming up with concepts for and shooting advertising campaigns.  While Slimane did create a collection for resort, it was only viewable by buyers.  So his Spring 2013 show has been much anticipated.  Here are how both amazing designers are bringing their iconic houses into the future.

Dior Spring 2013

Raf went back to Christian Dior roots with sleek, ladylike tailoring.  He also demonstrated the beautiful minimalism he is known for, but never in a stark way.  

Saint Laurent Paris Spring 2013

Slimane channeled some classic Saint Laurent shapes while injecting his years spent in Los Angeles.  The feel was very California bohemian with the rocker chic of the '70s.  

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