Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All White

So I have a thing for all white bedrooms.  I like the neutrality of white and that you can add in absolutely any color as an accent.  I also like how crisp and clean it looks.  Something about an all white room screams "I am neat" which, oftentimes, I am not.  Especially in my bedroom.  I constantly have clothes needing to be steamed or febreezed lying around and my bed is almost never made.  Oh, and shoes, everywhere.  But in my dreams, I have a crisp, clean, perfectly unstained bedroom (because I would inevitably spill all over white bedding, thank goodness my duvet has a pattern but yes, I have spilled soy sauce on it...).

All white bedrooms also make me think of summer beach houses.  A white room instantly seems light and airy, which is perfect for warm summer nights.  Maybe someday I'll have a lake or beach house that I can decorate in all white and natural woods...

Until then I'm coveting of the perfect white bedroom.  Sweet Dreams!

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