Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colorful Kate

So I'm pretty much obsessed with Kate Spade.  And I'm not talking handbags or shoes or even the woman who started the brand.  When Kate Spade was first popular back in the day, I had my fair share of adorable purses and shoes until my shopping habits at the boutiques fizzled out for a bit.  But the brand has really transformed in the past five years.  In 2007, Kate Spade New York was taken over by Liz Claiborne and Deborah Lloyd became the president and chief creative officer, meaning she now designs for the brand instead of Ms. Spade.  While I believe the brand still represents the quirky cuteness of the original Kate, I think it's executed more cohesively with more product offerings.  Namely, clothes.

Kate Spade clothing is now my absolute favorite.  Each season they feature amazingly perfect dresses in a rainbow of shades.  They also offer plenty of separates and even a jean line.  Oh, and the jewelry. Amazingness.  So many colors and fun designs and oftentimes not at outrageous prices.  My go-to outfits now consist of their perfect dresses that I can throw on and feel completely put together.

This month's new arrivals offer up bright shades that make me want to go on vacation - maybe some place tropical.  Here's some of my favorite looks and I'm sure I'll be bringing you more for KSNY very, very soon.

Striped Kerrigan Dress

Striped Celina Dress

Tropical Orchid Elliana Dress

Selita Dress

Abstract Uma Dress

Silk Leeya Dress

Colorblock Brodie Dress

Silk Roxanne Dress

Zebra Randie Top

(images via Kate Spade New York)

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