Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I Love ... Vacations with My Mom

Yesterday my mom came into town and today we are driving down to Savannah!  My mom and I have taken more trips together in my lifetime than I can count (or probably remember for that matter).  We both like being able to go someplace and see the tourist attracts interspersed with shopping, eating and lounging.  We like places with a beach or a good pool, but a spa will do just as nicely.  While we have our favorite spots that we'll go back to in a heartbeat (anywhere in Italy and Key Biscayne, Florida) we always love to explore new places and have plenty of cities we still left to discover.  We chose to drive down to Savannah because it's not to far from Atlanta and we figured we should take advantage of the places in this part of the country while I'm still here.  

But my mom and I have been on some amazing vacations in my 24 years.  We've all across the country (we literally drove from Dallas to New York City and made a week road trip of it before I moved into my dorm at NYU... oh and then we drove all my stuff back when I transferred) and vacationed down in Mexico and all through Europe.  Vacationing with her is one of my favorite things and I'll be sure to share some stories and pictures of Savannah next week!

My 21st Birthday at Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans

Outside Salzburg, Austria.  Yes, this is the gazebo from The Sound of Music

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.  I made her walk all the way to the top but the view was worth it!

New Year's Eve dinner 2011, New Orleans

Villa d'Este, Lake Como, Italy

The Duomo in Milan

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