Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Bout Them Cowboys

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan.  It's a relatively new thing in my life.  Although I come from a long line of Cowboys fans I really only began to understand and watch football when I left for college and was living in New York.  I think it helped my homesickness.  But for the past six years I have been a very devoted Cowboys fan (even if they do keep blowing their chances to go to the Superbowl).

So I was excited when the new NFL partnership with Nike debuted this past April.  Nike has taken over the contract for the NFL to produce team uniforms and in turn is now one of the official providers of fan merchandise.  When I read this news three words immediately flashed through my head: Cowboys Nike Shorts.  Now just to preface my excitement, I am a bit of a Nike short whore.  I have pairs in almost every color imaginable (I do draw the line at the patterned versions however).  And being a sorority girl at a southern college, Nike shorts were a wardrobe prerequisite, worn to any and all occasions.

The new Nike fan apparel is available for all NFL teams and includes jerseys, t-shirts, athletic shorts and pants, sweatshirts and windbreakers.  My mom and I were very impressed with the variety of clothing offered at the Nike store in Dallas.  We each got a new shirt, plus I now have a pair of navy and silver Nike shorts with a Cowboys star.  Can't wait to flaunt my new gear in Falcons country.

Also, tonight is the NFL opener featuring the Cowboys vs. the New York Giants.  You can be sure I'll be wearing Nike.

Ahhh! So excited!

(images via Nike)

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