Monday, May 21, 2012

Polished to Perfection

I'm a beauty product junkie.  Or recovering.  Well, trying.  I have a thing for beauty products and wanting to try every single one out there, but then sticking only to a few basics and letting the rest pile up in my drawers.  This especially goes for lip gloss. Just ask my mom.  Over the course of time I have owned every shade of pink imaginable.  To the point where it was hard to differentiate my many Chanel glosses because they were just slightly a shade different from one another.

While I am trying to reform my ways and buy much less lip gloss I did have to indulge in the new YSL gloss I've been hearing about.  It's called Rouge pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres, the last part roughly translated is "polish for lips".  Vernis is typically the word used on nail polish bottles, therefore it is to be noted that this is not truly a lip gloss.  As the makeup artist at Neimans explained to me, the product is really more like a lipstick that feels like a gloss (and is applied with a wand) but stays like a stain.  Kind of crazy, right?

Well it's all true.  My lips were glossy to begin with but when that faded (as all glosses do), it still felt creamy, like a lipstick.  BUT hours later, the color was still perfect.  Thus, a stain.  I am officially deeming this the perfect lip product (let's go with product, because gloss doesn't quite cut it) for going out.  I hate when you pick a stand-out color and then have to keep re-applying all through the night.  Not with this.

However, I also recommend that you don't hastily re-apply while walking or stopped at a traffic light.  Be very careful with the application because wherever it goes, it's staying.

I'm using #14 Fuchsia Doré - if you're going to be bold, go all the way right?

$32 wherever Yves Saint Laurent makeup is sold

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