Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Showers

It keeps raining in Atlanta.  And it sneaks up on me because it'll be a beautiful day and then all of a sudden the skies will turn gray and it will rain again.  I'm not used to this so late in May.  I guess I should be enjoying it (as well as slightly cooler temperatures) but I find it odd.

Something else I find odd... the way the news freaks out when it rains here.  They like to update you about thunderstorms and warn you repeatedly to get indoors so as not to get struck by lightning.  Do people really get struck by lightning so often in Georgia that the local weather has to warn them to stay inside?  This is crazy for me because thunderstorms in Texas are no big deal to people, even when they are intense.

Hopefully today will stay sunny, but there is a chance of rain for tonight so here are some inspirations for a rainy day....

Burberry Fall 2012 show, with simulated rain!

French Vogue Editor Emmanuelle Alt always looks chic

Duchess of Cambridge, always perfect

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