Friday, May 18, 2012

Things I Love ... Champagne

Obviously.  I mean I did name this blog with champagne in mind.  If I could never drink alcohol again I would more than survive, but I would greatly miss champagne.  It's definitely my favorite drink.  And I think one of the most fun.  The sound of a champagne bottle popping just creates excitement.

When I was studying abroad in Paris, some friends and I took a day trip to Rheims, which is in the heart of region known for champagne making (called, you guessed it, Champagne).  We were able to visit Pommery and toured the cellars below ground while learning lots of interesting facts about how champagne is made and then stored before being sold.  This experience is one of the reasons why Pommery is one my favorite champagnes.  Another reason is because they manufacture individual bottles that they market as "Pop" and come with individual straws!  My other favorite champagne of course is Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.  I always try to keep a bottle in my fridge for a special occasion.

I'd also love to learn how to saber.  Sabering is when you take a large knife (or saber) and cut off the top of a champagne bottle.  If done right, there should be no shattered glass that falls into the bottle making it drinkable and easy to pour from the spout you just created.  Someday this will be my party trick.

Until then I'll just keep on sipping champagne...

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