Friday, June 22, 2012

Things I Love ... Tory Burch

Since I've been talking about Tory all week, it's only natural that both the woman and the brand are two of the things I love.  As I mentioned earlier this week, I first discovered Tory Burch through her Reva flats while living in New York City at the end of 2006.  Six years later, my love for her and her brand has grown exponentially each year.  

While I was initially drawn to the simplicity of her flats, Tory Burch the brand is so much more than simple.  Although her silhouettes are often more tailored and less complicated, her styling has evolved over the years to include a plethora of colors, patterns and textures all mixed together in unexpected ways each season.  In my opinion, Tory is probably one of the biggest reasons why average American women wear more color and print today.  All of her classic pieces (flats, polo shirts, tunics, cardigans, etc.) come in a new variety of bright shades each season.  She offers a road map each season for how to mix things in an unexpected way that totally work.  She's definitely inspires me to push the boundaries and while you can still always find great basics from her in not so scary patterns or colors, she does allow you to easily mix things up.  

Also, her signature color: orange.  I'd be lying if I said that Tory Burch's orange did not effect my total love and obsession of the color (of course, Hermès contributes a hefty bit as well).  I hate to admit that I have more orange, Tory printed bags and shoe boxes than I care to admit.  I also love going into her stores because of the color.  In fact, her stores in and of themselves are amazing.  Each one is styled differently but is signature Tory from large orange entry door to heavenly scent inside.  But my favorite, is her giant flagship on 797 Madison Avenue.  It's in the style of an old townhouse and is gorgeous!  I had the pleasure of shopping there in December and it was by far one of my best Tory experiences (plus, they have special shopping bags there, no lie!).  

But, how can I mention my love of all things Tory without giving credit to the amazing woman that started it all.  Tory Burch herself is totally an icon to me.  She's always poised and polished, flawlessly dressed in her own designs.  She's accomplished an amazing feat with her brand in a very short amount of time.  Tory is incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to see how her brand continues to grow (look out for a fragrance next year!)

Here are some great images of Tory, her stores and my favorite classic pieces.  

Madison Avenue Flagship

Madison Avenue Flagship

Madison Avenue Flagship... notice the orange!

Robinson Tote

Another Tory store

Tory at home in her New York City apartment
Tory and her sons

Tory's home in Southampton

Tory's home in Southampton 
Tory's home in Southampton

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