Monday, June 18, 2012

Flat Ground

Let's get real for a second. I have a Tory Burch obsession.  It spans all product categories: shoes, bags, jewelry, clothing, you name it.  I love it.  In fact I have so many TB shoes that my friends frequently mock me when I get a new pair.  It's like a running joke, "Oh, Jess got another pair of Torys.  Shocker."

But the truth is, my entire Tory obsession started with Reva.  My freshman year of college at NYU I noticed women all over Manhattan wearing adorable flats with a gold medallion.  I immediately went to Saks, discovered Tory Burch and bought a pair.  Later that year I went back and got another pair in green (which I have never seen again, so thank you Saks on Fifth!) and received a complimentary candle which I still have and will probably never light.  Officially hooked.  I currently have six pairs of Reva ballet flats and many more different pairs of Tory flats (oh, and did I mention that my black pair that started it all... ya, I'm on my third pair because I wore them so much).

But, and I hate to say it... I think Reva may be about to get replaced.

While reading the Tory Burch blog recently, they announced their newest ballet flat.  The Chelsea.  It's named for the Chelsea district in New York City and TB describes it as "the shoe we’d want to wear for a full day, checking out different shows and exhibits."  It's perfection.  It's the classic ballet flat with a little shot of Reva (notice the tiny, signature Tory medallion).  Although my love for Reva is strong, I've been secretly coveting a simple, classic pair of Repetto ballet flats.  They are the quintessential shoe for the French chic look.  And while I've had the pair bookmarked on Net-a-Porter for a while now, the arrival of the Chelsea may keep that purchase at bay a while longer.  Now, the only difficult decision will be choosing which color.  

So, what color should I get??

Shop the Chelsea Flat at Tory Burch

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