Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ultra Timeless

While Chanel is known for many high fashion pieces, it might be less widely known for its fine jewelry.  The French fashion house has a wide range of jewelry from costume to luxury pieces.  While costume is some of the most common, crafted after the jewelry Coco herself would often wear, the more luxury pieces are often understated and timeless.  While there are different collections that feature copious amounts of diamonds and designs that range from stars to the house's signature camellias, some of the most beautiful pieces are the most simple.  Some collections feature black and white ceramic, colors that are signature to the brand.  I personally am fortunate enough to own a small black onyx ring in the shape of a camellia that commemorates my time spent studying abroad in Paris.  It is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry I will probably ever own, in part because of it's timeless design.  The Chanel Ultra collection is similar because it features pieces that will always be in fashion.  Crafted of white or black ceramic and diamonds that are banded together, the Ultra collection is simple but still fiercely elegant.  One ring or piece is all you would ever need.  And with black or white, you've got your bases covered.

Here's a video Chanel created to showcase the collection.  Enjoy!

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