Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I Love ... Fashion Illustrations

For some time now I have been seriously obsessed with these illustrations from Emmakisstina's Etsy shop.  The only thing that was really stopping me from getting one was trying to decide what I wanted - an Hermés bag, a bottle of Chanel no. 5, a vignette of items that are quintessentially Jackie O?  The options were too numerous.  Then a few weeks ago, while browsing again, I discovered that Kristina Hultkrantz (the illustrator) does custom work called "What's in my bag" and decided that this is definitely the way to go.  Now the only dilemma is deciding what items I want to be included in my bag.  Oh and picking a print that will go with it.  I'm thinking of putting these on either side of my bed.  Suggestions?

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