Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small Spaces

More than a month ago I received a giant package in the mail from Restoration Hardware.  No, it was not something I had ordered.  It was their catalogue.  I was a little surprised partly because I have not ordered something from their catalogue maybe ever and also because I did not realize they had my Atlanta address. Regardless, the catalogue was so heavy and intimidating that I literally just now tore off the plastic wrapping and peeked inside (it was actually three catalogues: one giant,one medium and one small).

The smallest catalogue is entitled Big Style Small Spaces.  It seems people have been complaining about the size of some Restoration Hardware furniture and requested smaller pieces (I assumed this from the first page stating, "OK.  We heard you.  One size just doesn't fit all.").  The catalogue then breaks down pieces into seven different styles based on cities with traditionally smaller home spaces.  My favorite of course is Paris pied-à-terre.  I would like to mention that even though these spaces are supposed to be smaller, I think it would be a tight squeeze to actually get any of them to fit comfortably in my apartment.  Maybe if I move to Paris and buy a pied-à-terre.  Dare to dream....

(images via Restoration Hardware)

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  1. Really chic & beautiful!!!