Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Posh Life

One of my style icons is Victoria Beckham.  It started because I was the perfect age to be obsessed with the Spice Girls back in the late 90s when Girl Power was everywhere.  I even went to the Spice Girls concert wearing a posh black dress, heels and VB bob (I was 10).  While I will always love the Spice Girls, my love for Victoria has grown stronger with time.  I admire how she's been able to take her notoriety from her singing career (which she admits she wasn't great at) and propel herself into her real passion: fashion.  Her eponymous line of dresses are now the go to for luxury clients that want an amazing, chic fit.  And last year she launched a less expensive (but still very pricey) line that is more girly called Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

While her chic, tailored style is one I look up to, I also admire all she's accomplished.  She's created an amazing business that doesn't rely on her celebrity but rather her talent.  She also has done all this while being married to fellow celebrity David Beckham and parenting their four children.  She's a dedicated business woman who has it all.

Victoria is also the cover girl for Glamour's September issue.  Here are some of her fun editorial shots (she really does have a great sense of humor, even if she doesn't always smile in red carpet photos).

P.S. Rumor has it that the Spice Girls are going to be performing at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony - I can't wait!!!!

(image via Glamour)

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